Butter hearts

Traditional cookies decorated with grain sugar and almond flakes

Almond tongues

Currant cookies

Biscuits with dark chocolate

Butterscotch biscuits with dark chocolate

Strawberry shortbread cookies

Butter chocolate shortbread round

Butter peanut cookie with chocolat decoration

Waffle cookies

Heart shaped cookies

Oval shaped short bread cookies

Butter short bread cookie with milk chocolat

Butter shortbread cookies

Shortbread cookies

Chocolate shortbread cookies

Butterscotch Biscuits

American Cookies

Peanut caramel cookies

Almond cookie

Peanut cookies

Cream doubles

Assorted biscuits

Eclairette Twins

Butter Thins

Choco Duo Creams

Mini Peanut Snaps

Peanut Snaps


Butter cookies with sugar/cinnamon decoration on top