A signature with taste

Since the early thirties, Aviateur Bakery has been offering a comprehensive assortment of high-quality cookies and cakes, which are manufactured in one of our six locations throughout the Netherlands, both for national and international markets.

It’s a dynamic family business focussed on customer-oriented working, flexibility, and sustainability. These topics are essential to a successful operational management and collaboration with our buyers. Each cookie is manufactured using the most innovative and advanced production processes, yet always according to traditional recipes “A signature with taste”.

Research & development (R&D)

Proactive product development is one of our pillars for future growth. On the one hand, we collaborate with our customers as a private label manufacturer in order to determine their wishes regarding the composition of the assortment. On the other, we are expected to be at the first in developing new cookies and cakes according to the most recent observable trends.

Our R&D department is therefore working on the refinement of existing preparation methods and the development of new products. Also packaging is increasingly becoming a means for distinguishing oneself towards the consumer.


A passion for ‘cookies and cakes’

Our passion for cookies and cakes is passed on from generation to generation. The family business founded in the thirties has developed itself into a large-scale bakery, while maintaining the authentic and refined recipes.

In our bakeries, we bake more than 100 kinds of cookies and cakes. We offer a comprehensive range of tasteful and affordable products that may be consumed at any time of the day. We aim to use as many natural ingredients as possible.

We produce our products based on the ‘low cost, high quality’ principle. We are able to offer competitive prices by working efficiently and striving for cost reduction continuously. We achieve high quality by using the most advanced machines combined with processing high-grade ingredients. This combination, plus our scale and high service level, have already led to many satisfied buyers and consumers – both at home and abroad.